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Project Description
The online store to sell the books in either physical or electronic form.  The complete solution which implements the administration and user modules of the system. The security of the system is role-based and administrator can delegate appropriate access rights to any user of the system. It includes inventory management, personalization, favourites, uploading related materials, user management, book recommendations, purchase and many more.  It is the complete solution to solve all of the problems that you may face while distributing the books to the rest of the world

Adds the new book information
Delete the existing book information
Search the book with name and other parameters

Technologies used
ASP.NET MVC 3, jQuery, NHibernate 3.0, Fluent NHibernate, MSSQL, SQLite, NUnit, Castle Windsor, XML.

Future release
Edit the book information
Support for adding associated reference pages
Support for removing associated reference pages
Support for searching associated reference pages
Support for viewing the related books
Support for categorizing the books
Support for selling the books online
Support for adding favourites for a user

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